Dental Job Ads plans and pricing
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Dental Job Ads plans and pricing

When purchasing one of these packages
50% DISCOUNT ON THE SALARY OF AN EXPERT TO GENERATE LEADS is a partner with the agency MS.MTL.MEDIA specializing in the generation of new clients on the 3 following platforms:
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Linkedin Ads

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2-year VIP membership / unlimited number of job offers: $1000
1 job offer: $185
3 job offers: $500 (- 10 %)
5 job offers: $740 (- 15 %)
10 job offers: $1 480 (- 20 %)
20 job offers: $2 590 (- 25 %)

The more you publish, the more you save!
Subscribe to our VIP package or purchase a job offer package (3, 5, 10 or 20 job offers) in advance for additional savings. These rates are more affordable than those charged by personnel placement agencies, classified ads and most non-specialized job search sites.

Valid at all times. Use them whenever you are ready!
When you buy a job offer package, only one rule applies: you can use it whenever you like. Job offers purchased in advance carry no expiry date or restrictions of use.

Free for candidates
Only employers pay a fee to publish their job offers. Candidates looking for work can create an account, search for employment and receive job offers free of charge. Employers thus have access to an ever-expanding and limitless number of candidates. now has more than 11,000 registered candidates.


* Rates are in Canadian dollars. Taxes not included. All job offers are published for 30 days.